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The AdaptDaily Podcast

Dec 19, 2019

Vitina Blumenthal is a self-discovery educator, certified Yoga instructor, entrepreneur, founder of WanderfulSoul & host of the Soul Compass podcast.

Her passion is helping Soulpreneurs, discover your inner greatness and live your best life by finding your authentic, confident voice; tapping into vast reserves of clarity,...

Dec 14, 2019

Kerry Ford is a holistic/NeuroScience based wellness expert in Tonic herbalism, Intuitive|Quantum healing, Medical Meditation +Spiritual Consulting.

She mentors high performers on how to get UN stuck + step into Peak Purpose, Performance+Creativity, liberating the GENIUS laying dormant in their genes.

A published writer...

Dec 8, 2019

Within a safe space of love and support, Terri Swan empowers women to transform their womb wounds and be nurtured from heartache to healing to wholeness.

We spoke with Terri about:

  • Her own journey with grief recovery and how it ultimately tied in with her womb
  • The science & history behind beamer light therapy
  • Some of...