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Kiki & The Muse

Jan 6, 2020

Human Design is a transformational system for self-fulfilment - at least it has been for me (Kiki!), and hence why I'm so passionate about getting everyone more familiar with the magic that is HD!

Today on the show we let HD Expert Anna Wrona introduce it to you & alllll the juiciness on why the heck you should (most definitely) care.

Anna was introduced to Human Design in 2005. She has since studied extensively through books and with Chetan Parkyn, who worked closely with the founder of HD, and was the very first teacher of this revolutionary system. She received her designation in 2012 and became the first Human Design consultant in all of the Greater Toronto Area. Her extensive knowledge and understanding of Human Design sets her apart, as does her love of helping people reach their highest potentials.  

Today on the show we dive into what the heck human design is and how you can use it to totally change your life for the better!